These hairline margins are ridiculous. And as you say, this Man City bar is so high that even after our best performance EVER we’re still teetering on the edge of deficiency. Mental really.

Except whatever happens this season will go down as one of the best ever. I’m still loving it. The team is as likeable as they’ve ever been, Arteta is superb, the football is tremendous, the drama is tantalising. It all has been and still is a total pleasure. Got a good feeling for Friday too!

Thanks for the great write up Lewis.

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Great piece, Lewis! And one that has somewhat calmed down my turmoil since the Sunday result.

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This was great -- captured it perfectly

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Thank you for reminder...even though it stirs the pot of emotions all the more. I was reminded this week that the Arteta goal for this season is Champions League qualification. That goal has most likely been met. This chance for the league is a bonus!

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The fine margins. Mikel has spoken about those all the time. He looks for the advantage of small margins everywhere.

We have been on both ends of them, last couple of games they’ve gone the other way.

Players will keep on going and we will be there to back them up.

Just gotta keep pushing and fighting. All we can do!

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Great post. Jeez, I forgot it was Friday.

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