It's tough, you obviously can't guarantee at all he'll continue to develop anywhere like how Osimhen has ... but the potential he does? That's so tempting.

I can't see how he and Nketiah are both at the club and Nketiah will probably fetch a lower fee and be more content playing less, so I think it's more than likely he's the one who stays and can understand that

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The Osimhen comp is either a cautionary tale about not selling too cheap, or means it's an ideal time to squeeze more out of suitors.

From the club's perspective, I don't think they can remove Eddie Nketiah from the equation (not least because of the shared agent). What do they think his ceiling is? Does he represent a better fit tactically? And seeing as, with Trossard also in the squad, it's an either/or situation with the two, what could they sell him for? It's that third question that concerns me most. When both were firing, I thought we might be choosing which one to sell at around £45m, but Eddie's injury has surely knocked his asking price.

Given the two-year age gap, the exciting comps, and the good spell at Boro before his explosion at Reims, my preference is definitely to stick with Flo. It feels like it extends the window on the Hale End-led revival. But in truth, it's not what I expect to happen.

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